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Wanna One
Wanna One performing at Dream Concert 2017 Upper: Min-hyun, Seong-wu, Kuan-lin, Jin-young, Daniel, Ji-sung Lower: Jae-hwan, Dae-hwi, Ji-hoon, Woo-jin, Sung-woon (From left to right)
Wanna One performing at Dream Concert 2017
Upper: Min-hyun, Seong-wu, Kuan-lin, Jin-young, Daniel, Ji-sung
Lower: Jae-hwan, Dae-hwi, Ji-hoon, Woo-jin, Sung-woon (From left to right)
Background information
OriginSouth Korea
Years active2017 (2017)–2019 (2019)
Past members

Wanna One (Korean워너원) was a South Korean boy band formed by CJ E&M through the second season of Produce 101.[1] The group was composed of eleven members: Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young and Ha Sung-woon. The group debuted on August 7, 2017, under Swing Entertainment and CJ E&M. Their contract ended on December 31, 2018, but their final activity as a group was their last concert on January 24–27, 2019.


Pre-debut: Produce 101[edit]

Wanna One was formed through the 'survival' competition series Produce 101 (season 2), which aired on Mnet from April 7 until June 16, 2017. Out of an initial 101 trainees representing various agencies, the final 11 were chosen by audience voting and announced via live television broadcast.[2]

Before appearing on the program, several members had already been active in the entertainment industry. Park Ji-hoon was a child actor and had appeared on drama series such as Kimchi Cheese Smile and The King & I.[3] He had also made appearances on several variety shows alongside the boy bands Big Bang and SS501.[4] In 2012, Hwang Min-hyun made his musical debut as a member of the group NU'EST. Kim Jae-hwan made his first appearance on season 2 of Korea's Got Talent but was eliminated during the semi-final. In 2014, Ha Sung-woon had previously debuted as a member of the group Hotshot.

2017: Debut with 1X1=1 (To Be One) and 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)[edit]

Wanna One performing at Incheon K-POP Concert on September 9, 2017.

Wanna One signed with YMC Entertainment (who previously managed season one's winning group I.O.I).[5] Unlike I.O.I, however, Wanna One members will not be permitted to participate in other activities with their original agencies.[6]

The group participated in a final concert that took place on July 1 and 2, 2017 at Olympic Hall in Seoul to mark the end of Produce 101.[7][6] Wanna One officially debuted at an event titled Wanna One Premier Show-Con that took place at the Gocheok Sky Dome on August 7, 2017.[5][8] The group released their debut extended play 1×1=1 (To Be One) on August 8, 2017, with the title song "Energetic", originally composed by Hui of Pentagon and FlowBlow, with lyrics written by Hui and Wooseok of Pentagon.[9][10][11] Two music videos were released for their debut, for "Energetic" and "Burn It Up".[12]

On November 13, Wanna One released their repackaged album, 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You), with the title track "Beautiful".[13] With the combined sales of their first album and its repackaged edition, Wanna One became only the third Korean group to sell a million copies of their debut album, and the first since Seo Taiji and Boys did so with their eponymous debut in 1992.[14][15][16]

2018: Golden Age Begins, unit project and world tour[edit]

In February, Wanna One posted a series of teaser images titled 2018 Golden Age Begins.[17] On March 5, Wanna One released their special theme track, "I Promise You (I.P.U.)" along with its music video.[18] It was also announced that the number of preorders for their second extended play, 0+1=1 (I Promise You) has surpassed 700,000 copies, breaking the previous record set by the group.[19] The album was released on March 19, along with the title track "Boomerang".[20]

In April, Wanna One announced that the members will split into multiple units and collaborate with different artists such as Dynamic Duo, Zico, Nell and Heize for their upcoming special album.[21] The album was later revealed to be titled 1÷x=1 (Undivided), which was released on June 4 along with the title track "Light".[22][23]

The group also announced their first world tour, titled "One: The World", which would span 13 different cities around the world and begin from June 1.[24][25]

Wanna One's contract with YMC Entertainment expired on May 31. Starting from June 1, Wanna One would be managed under Swing Entertainment, a new agency exclusively established for the group. This new arrangement would still maintain the partnership with YMC.[26][27][28]

On October 30, 2018, Wanna One released a teaser video and also revealed the title of their 1st studio album, 1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny). The album was released on November 19, along with the title track "Spring Breeze".[29]

2019: Final concert and disbandment[edit]

On December 18, 2018, Swing Entertainment released an official statement that the group's contract will end on its original planned date, December 31, 2018.[30] Swing also stated that all agencies came to an agreement that will allow the members to attend scheduled year-end shows and award ceremonies throughout January 2019.[30] The group concluded activities with a final concert (titled Therefore 2019).[30] The concert was held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where the group held their debut showcase.

In the media[edit]

The group was recognized for their brand recognition and marketing power,[31][32] having topped 'Boy Group Brand Power Ranking' published by the Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute for four months;[33][34][35] as well as viewership ratings of the TV shows they appear on.[36][37] In 2017, they ranked second in the 30 "Power People" survey by Ilgan Sports, for their influence among broadcasting companies and advertisers;[38] and sixth in the top 10 artist of Gallup Korea survey.[39] The group was also chosen as Best K-pop Artist of 2017.[40] For their achievements, Wanna One ranked second on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, which ranks South Korea's most powerful and influential celebrities, in 2018 and third the following year.[41][42]


In 2017, Wanna One were featured in 16 advertisements including cosmetics, clothing, mobile games, foods and beverages and more.[43]





Concert and tours[edit]


  • Wanna One Premier Show-Con (2017)[53]

Headlining tours[edit]


  • Wanna One Final Concert – "Therefore" (2019) [54]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Wanna One achieved the "Rookie Grand Slam" in 2018, having won Newcomer awards from major award ceremonies such as Mnet Asian Music Awards,[55] Golden Disc Awards,[56] Seoul Music Awards,[57] Melon Music Awards[58] and Gaon Chart Music Awards.[59] Billboard chose them as the Best New K-Pop Act of 2017.[60]


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