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Wannon River Cavendish.JPG
Wannon River at Cavendish
Glenelg River, Vic, Australia Map.png
Map of Glenelg and Wannon river basins, in western Victoria
StateVictoria (Australia)
RegionVictorian Midlands (IBRA), Western District
Local government areasSouthern Grampians, Glenelg
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Abrupt, Grampians Range
 - locationnortheast of Dunkeld
 - coordinates37°35′37″S 142°27′29″E / 37.59361°S 142.45806°E / -37.59361; 142.45806
 - elevation256 m (840 ft)
Mouthconfluence with the Glenelg River
 - location
near Casterton
 - coordinates
37°36′50″S 141°25′34″E / 37.61389°S 141.42611°E / -37.61389; 141.42611Coordinates: 37°36′50″S 141°25′34″E / 37.61389°S 141.42611°E / -37.61389; 141.42611
 - elevation
42 m (138 ft)
Length220 km (140 mi)
Basin features
River systemGlenelg Hopkins catchment
WaterfallsWannon, Nigretta

The Wannon River, a perennial river of the Glenelg Hopkins catchment, is located in the Western District of Victoria, Australia.

Location and features[edit]

The Wannon River rises below Mount Abrupt, part of the Grampians Range, in the southern fringes of the Grampians National Park. The river flows generally south, initially towards Dunkeld, and then north by west and then west, through the town of Cavendish before heading south to the settlement of Wannon. From here the river flows west towards Casterton where it reaches its confluence with the Glenelg River. The Wannon is joined by twelve tributaries including the Dundas River. The river descends 214 metres (702 ft) over its 188-kilometre (117 mi) course.[1][2]

The Henty Brothers found that the river played a significant role in the early settlement of the area surrounding the Wannon River.[citation needed] Also of note was the situation of the Mokanger Station, in Cavendish, purchased by Thomas and Andrew Chirnside in 1842.[citation needed]

The main land use along the river is production of sheep for wool. Other land uses include production of sheep for prime lambs and cattle for beef.[citation needed]

Wannon Falls and Nigretta Falls, both waterfalls of note, are found on the river approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) west of Hamilton. These tourist attractions have facilities for visitors.[3] During the 1880s, impressionist painter Louis Buvelot painted many scenes around the falls and the river.

The Division of Wannon, an Australian Electoral Division, is named after the river. The Division was held from 1955 until 1983 by former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.


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