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Wanroij in 1866
Wanroij in 1866
Coordinates: 51°39′22″N 5°49′12″E / 51.65611°N 5.82000°E / 51.65611; 5.82000Coordinates: 51°39′22″N 5°49′12″E / 51.65611°N 5.82000°E / 51.65611; 5.82000
ProvinceNorth Brabant
MunicipalitySint Anthonis
 • Total20.63 km2 (7.97 sq mi)
Dialling code0485
Wanroij, windmill: de Hamse molen

Wanroij is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Sint Anthonis, about 9 km west of the town of Boxmeer.

Wanroij was a separate municipality until 1994, when it became part of Sint Anthonis.[1]


The name Wanroij was found first in 1265. A person called Bertradis van Wanrode signed, together with son Johan, a certificate.

From the French period on Wanroij was an individual municipality. In 1942 it was expanded with the villages Rijkevoort and Landhorst. In 1994 the area became part of a larger municipality, the municipality of Sint Anthonis. Rijkevoort then became part of the municipality of Boxmeer.

The church in Wanroij was named after the Pope Cornelius. Until 1994 Cornelius was represented in the flag of the municipality.

For a long period of time Wanroij was very isolated. Around 1850 the infrastructure developed a lot. The first street lanterns were placed in 1922. The first road which was not just a path to other villages was made in 1922, going from Wanroij to Haps.

In the 19th century the amount of inhabitants was around 1100. In 1942, it were 1895 people. In a few years it grew to about 3000, and at this moment the estimated amount of inhabitants is 4800.


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