Want So Much To Believe

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Vill så gärna tro
Promotional movie poster for the film
Directed by Gunnar Höglund
Produced by Gunnar Höglund
Written by Gunnar Höglund
Starring Johnny Nash
Christina Schollin
Ingrid Backlin
Lars Lind (sv)
Cia Löwgren (sv)
Helena Mäkelä
Essy Persson
Niclas Wahlgren
Catrin Westerlund
Music by John Bundrick
Bob Marley
Johnny Nash
Cinematography Hans Dittmer (sv)
Edited by Lasse Lundberg (sv)
Release date
  • 4 September 1971 (1971-09-04) (Sweden)
Running time
108 minutes (theatrical version)
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

Want So Much To Believe (Swedish: Vill så gärna tro) is a 1971 romance film. It is directed by Gunnar Höglund and stars Johnny Nash and Christina Schollin.

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