Wapiti Pass

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Wapiti Pass
Elevation1,375 m (4,511 ft)
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
RangeCanadian Rockies
Coordinates54°26′N 120°49′W / 54.433°N 120.817°W / 54.433; -120.817Coordinates: 54°26′N 120°49′W / 54.433°N 120.817°W / 54.433; -120.817

Wapiti Pass is a mountain pass in the Northern Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It lies immediately east of Wapiti Lake Provincial Park, at the headwaters of the Wapiti River, northeast of Prince George and west of Monkman Provincial Park.

No roads or railways cross the pass. While it and Monkman Pass were surveyed prior to the building of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, the GTP decided to use the Yellowhead Pass to the southeast instead.