Wapta Falls

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Wapta Falls
Wapta Falls 2008.JPG
LocationField, British Columbia Canada
Coordinates51°11′13″N 116°34′34″W / 51.187°N 116.576°W / 51.187; -116.576 (Wapta Falls)Coordinates: 51°11′13″N 116°34′34″W / 51.187°N 116.576°W / 51.187; -116.576 (Wapta Falls)
Total height98 feet (30 m)
Total width500 feet (150 m)
WatercourseKicking Horse River

Wapta Falls is a waterfall of the Kicking Horse River located in Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest waterfall of the Kicking Horse River, at about 30 metres (98 ft) high and 150 metres (490 ft) wide.[1][2] Its average flow can reach 254 cubic metres per second (9,000 cu ft/s).[3] The name stems from a Nakoda word meaning "river".[4][5]

Use in a film[edit]

Le Ruffian, (1983) - Actors; Lino Ventura, Bernard Giraudeau, Claudia Cardinale, Beatrix Van Til, Pierre Frag


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