Waqas Saeed

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Waqas Saeed (WAX)
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Website http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00jzwjj

Waqas Saeed, also known as "Wax", (Awesome Wax) is a British Radio presenter. He was born in Manchester on 22 February and studied at the University of Bedfordshire. His ‘nearly career’ in making films was short lived after joining BBC Asian Network in 2004.

He created the character of ‘Wacky Waqas’ on the Gagan Grewal show when he interviewed the likes of Bollywood’s Jackie Shroff and Asian Glamour Models.

In 2007 Wax joined ‘The Adil Ray Show’ production team and soon became a regular voice on air.

He presents his own show on BBC Asian Network

He was nominated for the prestigious Rising Star Sony Award in 2010.

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