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For the military aircraft, see warbird.

WarBirds is a Massively Multiplayer Online and offline World War II simulation, published by iEntertainment Network. The game includes an air combat flight simulator as well as a simulator for tanks and other ground vehicles. WarBirds was originally developed in 1995[1] by Interactive Creations of Grapevine.[2] and inspired a fan cult and conventions, and a book titled WarBirds: the Story so far.[3] WarBirds III was released for Mac and PC in 2002,[1][4][5] and WarBirds: The Mighty Eight was released in 2007. An even more recent version, WarBirds 2008 has been produced and includes tanks, trucks, halftracks, new aircraft including the A-67 dragon, and new graphics.[6]

In 1999 some of the original development team, including John "Killer" MacQueen, Rodney "Hatch" Hodge, and Chris "Mo" Sherland, went on to form Cornered Rat Software where they developed WWII Online. Others followed Dale "HiTech" Addink to form HiTech Creations and develop Aces High.


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