War Babies (film)

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War Babies
Directed by Charles Lamont
Produced by Jack Hays
Starring Shirley Temple
Georgie Smith
Distributed by Educational Film Exchanges
Release date
  • September 18, 1932 (1932-09-18)
Running time
11 minutes
Country United States
Language English

War Babies is a 1932 American comedy short film directed by Charles Lamont and is the second in a series of eight one-reelers that satirized adult films and themes called Baby Burlesks. The casts in the series are pre-schoolers dressed in adult costumes on top and diapers fastened with large safety pins on the bottom. In her autobiography, Shirley Temple Black describes the Baby Burlesks series as "a cynical exploitation of our childish innocence," and notes the short films were sometimes racist or sexist.

War Babies is a spoof of the World War I film What Price Glory? and was originally titled What Price Gloria?. The film is set in Buttermilk Pete's Cafe where the child performers dance, play music, and drink milk. The film stars Shirley Temple spoofing Dolores Del Rio as Charmaine and Georgie Smith and Eugene Butler as soldiers vying for her affection. Shirley has her first onscreen kiss with Eugene Butler. Others in the cast are Georgie Billings, Philip Hurlic and Ashley Shepherd. In 2009, the film was available on DVD.

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