War Crimes (film)

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War Crimes
War Crimes (film).jpg
Directed by Michael G. Thomas, Nick S. Thomas
Produced by Michael G. Thomas, Nick S. Thomas
Written by Michael G. Thomas, Nick S. Thomas
Edited by Michael G. Thomas, Nick S. Thomas
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English, Serbo-Croatian

War Crimes is a 2005 film starring John Jenner and Earl Palmer. It was written and directed by Thomas Bros.


A low budget ($10,000) British feature film made in the UK in 2005. The film is set in 1992 during the traumatic events of the split up of Yugoslavia. The film itself is based in Bosnia, 40% of the dialogue is in Serbo-Croatian language. This project was shot on Digital Video and currently being distributed by ITN. This film was shot on location in Wales and England and features a multi-national cast from the UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Finland and Canada.


A group of six friends, recently graduated in the UK travel to Bosnia in 1992. As fighting breaks out around the capital Sarajevo the friends are forced to escape overland to the border whilst the fighting spreads. After witnessing a horrific massacre in Bosnia they are pursued by a ruthless Yugoslav People's Army Officer and his brutal Chetnik fighters. With the weather worsening, limited supplies and murderous soldiers behind them, will they ever make it out of Croatia alive?!

Main cast[edit]