War Game (novel)

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War Game
War Game.jpg
Front cover of unknown edition
AuthorMichael Foreman
IllustratorMichael Foreman
Cover artistMichael Foreman
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's war novel
PublisherPavilion Books
Publication date
7 October 1993
Media typePrint (hardcover & paperback)
Pages76 pp (first edition)[1]
LC ClassPZ7.F75829 War 1993

War Game is a children's novel about World War I written and illustrated by Michael Foreman and published by Pavilion in 1993.[1] It features four young English soldiers and includes football with German soldiers during the Christmas truce, "temporary relief from the brutal and seemingly endless struggle in the trenches".[1]

War Game won the 1993 Nestlé Children's Book Prize in ages category 6–8 years and overall. Foreman was a commended runner up for the annual Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the best children's book illustration by a British subject.[2][a]

In 2001 the book was adapted as a short animated film by the same name by the British animation company Illuminated Films.[3]


Will, Freddie, Billy, and Lacey are our young friends eager for "the grand adventure" of old-fashioned war. The story follows them through training in England, arrival in France and the trenches, the famous 1914 Christmas truce, and the Battle of the Somme. At key points in the story, the author includes historical information on particular events of the war.[4]

The main characters are named after and based on Foreman's uncles who were killed in the war at ages 18 to 24.[5] He was born about twenty years later in 1938.


  1. ^ At least from 1995 the Greenaway Medal shortlist typically comprises eight books. According to CCSU, some runners up through 2002 were Commended (from 1959) or Highly Commended (from 1974). There were 99 commendations of both kinds in 44 years, including Foreman commended and Helen Oxenbury highly commended in 1993.


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