War Machine (album)

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War Machine
Andrea True War Machine Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by Andrea True Connection
Released 1980
Genre New wave, soft rock
Length 35:32
Label Ricordi International
Producer Andrea True
Andrea True Connection chronology
White Witch
(1977)White Witch1977
War Machine

War Machine is the title of Andrea True's only solo album and is not really an Andrea True Connection album. It was released only in Europe in 1980 by Italian label Ricordi International.[1] The album was a big change in musical direction since none of its songs can be classified as Disco.[2] and it really is more of a Rock/New Wave record.

The album had two singles: "War Machine", released by Ricordi International in Italy, and "Make My Music For Me", released by Atom Records in Austria. For some unknown reason, Atom changed the name of the song "Makin' Music For Money" to "Make My Music For Me". All 3 of these vinyl releases are quite rare and have never been released in any other format. A video exists for the title track, War Machine. A poor quality copy of it can be found on YouTube.

Track listing[3][edit]

Side one
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Open Up Baby" Christopher Bruschi 03:00
2. "Hootchie Kootchie Floozies" Tony D'Ambra, Andrea True 04:20
3. "The Unkindest Cut" Tom Bakas, Gene Harlot, Andrea True 03:52
4. "Whatever Happened To Love?" Andrea True 04:18
Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
5. "Makin' Music For Money" Alexander Harvey 04:24
6. "But Is That Love?" Tom Bakas, Gene Harlot, Andrea True 03:28
7. "Still Goin' Down" Robert W. Brown 03:22
8. "War Machine" Robert W. Brown 04:48
9. "Rock 'N Roll-Let It Go" Tom Carey 04:01


  • Lead Vocals - Andrea True
  • Vocals Track 2 - Andrea True and Tony D'ambra
  • Vocals Track 9 - Andrea True and Tom Carey
  • Drums - Tony D'ambra, Christopher Carroll
  • Guitars - Tom Bakas, Mark Lineberry, Robert W. Brown, Ralph Agresta
  • Bass - Tom Bakas, Jim Callen, Chris Bruschi, Tom Carey
  • Percussion - Andrea True
  • Keyboards - Robert Simons
  • Moog Special Effects track 8 - Elliot Apter
  • Moog Bass - Andrea True
  • Moog Solos - Andrea True
  • Backing Vocals - Tony D'ambra, Mark Lineberry, Jim Callen, Tom Bakas, Andrea True, Robert W. Brown, Tom Carey
  • Tracks 1-6 recorded at Homegrown Studios, New Jersey USA
  • Engineers - Robert Buontempo and Gary Rickney
  • Tracks 7-9 recorded at Media Studios, New York City USA
  • Engineers - Godfrey Diamond and Michael Barbiero
  • Final Mixes - Douglas Epstein
  • Final Mix track 7 - Sam Ginsberg of Record Plant
  • Produced by Andrea True for GTM Productions, Inc.


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