War Victims Day

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War Victims Day
Date 30 May
Next time 30 May 2018 (2018-05-30)
Frequency annual

War Victims Day is an unofficial day of celebration and empowerment of the victims of armed conflict. In recent years, particularly across the African continent, it has been observed on 30 May, or sometimes the closest Sunday to that date. The 2010 Review Conference of the International Criminal Court (ICC) appropriately started the day after War Victims Day. Celebrations of the day culminated in 2010 with a football game held in Mandela National Stadium (Uganda) between war victims, delegates attending the ICC Review Conference, President Museveni, and Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Victims of War Crimes[edit]

The War Victims Football Game[edit]

The Victims Foundation (UVF) and the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) organized the War Victims Day celebrations in Uganda on Sunday 30 May, in advance on the Review Conference of the International Criminal Court Statute.

The day included a concert with leading Ugandan musicians such as Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Ragga Dee and Peter Miles. The highlight of the day was the football game at 15.00 when delegates played together with victims of war crimes from countries within the ICC’s jurisdiction. The game was a unique opportunity for world leaders and ICC Member State Delegates to spend some time with victims, before talking about victims at the Review Conference, as well giving a chance for victims to interact with delegates in an activity which they truly can own and can be proud of. Most importantly, it helps acknowledge us as survivors, individuals with rights and stakeholders in the rebuilding of societies, and not solely by their ‘victimhood’.

Please see [www.victimsfootballday.org] for further information

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