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Vehicles in action at War and Peace 2004

The War and Peace Revival (until 2012 the War and Peace Show) is the world's largest military vehicle and militaria collectors fair.[citation needed] It is held annually over several days (usually in late July) at Folkestone Racecourse (RAF Westenhanger) and formerly at the Hop Farm Country Park, Kent, England.[1]


The revival hosts around 4000 military vehicles[3] including tanks, armoured personnel carriers, armoured cars, amphibious vehicles, motorcycles, as well as light, medium and heavy military wheeled vehicles. The 2015 show attracted over 100,000 visitors during its five days.[4]

Participating Vehicle Collections[edit]

The armored vehicles which participate in the War and Peace Revival include vehicles from the The Wheatcroft Collection and the Jon Phillips Armor Collection.[5]


A major part of the show[citation needed] revolves around the different re-enactors that portray various armies, units and events during armed conflicts during the 20th century. Especially prominent are Allied and Axis forces from the World War II, with mock battles staged in main arena using period vehicles, re-enactors and pyrotechnics.

Change of venue and name[edit]

In 2013 the show relocated to Folkestone Racecourse (which for a time in 1944 was known as RAF Westenhanger (after the nearby village)) and changed its name to the War and Peace Revival.[6]

On 23 June 2015 organisers Rex Cadman and Barbara Shea announced that they would be retiring after the 2015 show. On Saturday 25 July 2015 it was confirmed that John Allison and his team would be taking over the show on 1 August 2015.

The next show will be on 19th - 23rd July 2016.


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