War of the Robots (film)

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War of the Robots
La Guerra dei robot.jpeg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Alfonso Brescia
Produced by Luigi Alessi (producer)
Written by Alfonso Brescia (story)
Aldo Crudo (story)
Starring See below
Music by Marcello Giombini
Cinematography Silvio Fraschetti
Edited by Mariano Arditi
Release dates
Running time
99 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

War of the Robots (Originally La guerra dei robot) is a 1978 Italian film directed by Alfonso Brescia.

The film was later released on DVD as Reactor.

The 4 films in Alfonso Brescia's 1978 sci-fi series are Star Odyssey (1978), Cosmos: War of the Planets (1978, aka Year Zero War in Space), Battle in Interstellar Space (1978, aka Battle of the Stars) and War of the Robots (1978, aka Reactor).



The film has fallen in the public domain in the United States (not in Italy).


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