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Warangel is a fantasy board wargame created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi.[1] It has won a number of Italian game awards, and is available worldwide through the official website www.warangel.it.


The first edition was published in Italy in 1996 as a collectible series.[2] In 2002 Hasbro Italy picked up the Warangel Card Game, a spin-off of the boardgame, created and illustrated by same author, for national distribution.[3][4] In 2006 the boardgame celebrated the 10th anniversary with the Warangel 10 Years Edition, with English reference sheets of the first ten fantasy races in the game.[5]

As of 2010 Warangel counts 120 different warrior races, each one with its hex map depicting a real sector of Earth.[6] The game is now available with the service "Create YOUR Warangel" described on official website.[7]


In 2000 the first boxed edition was published, receiving four awards in four different conventions and game fairs:[1]

  • Best Italian Board Game in Ludex 2000 Bologna
  • Best Italian Board Game in LuccaGames 2000, greatest game fair in Italy
  • Best Italian Wargame in MilanoGames 2000
  • Best Italian self-produced Game in AcquiComics 2001


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