Warburton Hospital

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Coordinates: 37°45′4.28″S 145°42′19.11″E / 37.7511889°S 145.7053083°E / -37.7511889; 145.7053083

Warburton Hospital
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Warburton Hospital.jpg
Front Building, Warburton Hospital
Location Donna Buang Road, Warburton, Victoria, Australia
Hospital type Private
Founded 1910
Closed 30 September 2000
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Warburton Hospital was a private Adventist hospital in Warburton, Victoria in Australia. The hospital was owned by the Trans Australian Union Conference of the Seventh day Adventist Church.

The hospital made a net loss of $2.25 million (including depreciation) over the previous five years. It was placed on the market on January 1998. [1]

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