Ward-Beck Systems

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Ward-Beck Systems Incorporated
Industry Professional audio design & engineering
Founded April 1967
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Key people
Ron W. Ward, Rodger K. Beck, Eugene Johnson

Ward-Beck Systems commonly referred to as Ward-Beck or simply WBS, is a Canadian manufacture of broadcast audio and video equipment. It was founded in a garage in April 1967 by Ron W. Ward and director of engineering, Rodger K. Beck.[1]


Date of manufacture[edit]

The first two digits of the module or consoles serial number dictates the year of manufacturing.

Mixing consoles[edit]

WBS Project 800278

Mixing console components[edit]

Intercom and other components[edit]

Customers and users[edit]

Ward-Beck Systems Preservation Society (WBSPS)[edit]

The Ward-Beck Systems Preservation Society was founded in 2005 by Tony Kuzub. The goal and objective of the WBSPS is to keep vintage Ward-Beck equipment running and working by supplying a database of documentation, knowledge, and support. There are only a handful of consoles still in existence and use, and the WBSPS is dedicated to keeping these consoles in use and maintained. Many manuals have been scanned in their entirety and posted for all to learn from. The WBSPS was given permission by Eugene Johnson of Ward-Beck to publish information regarding vintage WBS equipment.[5] The WBSPS is not directly or in-directly associated with Ward-Beck Systems Incorporated. A Letter of permission from Ward-Beck Systems


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