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Ward & Lock's Illustrated Guide to and Popular History of the Isle of Man, 1883

Ward Lock travel guides or Red Guides (1870s–1970s) were tourist guide books to the British Isles and continental Europe published by Ward, Lock & Co. of London.[1] The firm proclaimed them "amusing and readable" and the "cheapest and most trustworthy guides."[2] To other readers the books were promotional and "rarely critical."[3] Compared to similar late 19th century series such as Methuen & Co.'s Little Guides, the Ward Lock guides emphasized "travel practicalities."[4]

List of Ward Lock guides by geographic coverage[edit]

  • Ward & Lock's Descriptive and Pictorial Guide to the Isle of Man, London: Ward, Lock, and Co., 1883
  • Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the Channel Islands. 1902.



East Midlands region[edit]

East of England region[edit]

  • Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Felixstowe. 1910.
  • Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to Aldeburgh. 1911.

London region[edit]

North East England region[edit]

North West England region[edit]

South East England region[edit]

South West England region[edit]

West Midlands (region)[edit]

Yorkshire and the Humber region[edit]


  • Riviera, Nice, Cannes, Mentone, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Hyères, Genoa, &c.[5]
  • Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to the Channel Islands: with short excursions to Brittany and Normandy. 1902.
  • Guide to Paris and its Environs (7th ed.). Paris: W.H. Smith & Son. 1913.
  • Handbook to Paris and its Environs (11th ed.). London: Ward, Lock & Co. c. 1922.








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