Ward River (Central West Queensland)

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This article is about the river located in Central West Queensland, Australia. For the river in the river located in Far North Queensland, see Ward River (Far North Queensland).
For other uses, see Ward River (disambiguation).
Country Australia
State Queensland
Region Central West Queensland
Part of Murray-Darling basin
Source Warrego Range
 - location south of Tambo
 - elevation 389 m (1,276 ft)
 - coordinates 25°06′39″S 146°13′17″E / 25.11083°S 146.22139°E / -25.11083; 146.22139
Mouth confluence with the Langlo River
 - location west of Charleville
 - elevation 284 m (932 ft)
 - coordinates 26°25′51″S 146°05′32″E / 26.43083°S 146.09222°E / -26.43083; 146.09222Coordinates: 26°25′51″S 146°05′32″E / 26.43083°S 146.09222°E / -26.43083; 146.09222
Length 455 km (283 mi)
Basin 14,671 km2 (5,665 sq mi)
Ward River (Central West Queensland) is located in Queensland
Ward River (Central West Queensland)
Location of Ward River mouth in Queensland

The Ward River, part of the Murray-Darling basin, is a river located in Central West Queensland, Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise in the Warrego Range, south of Tambo. Formed by the confluence of Larry Creek and Rams Gully, the river flows generally south, much of the river is braided channels, joined by 21 minor tributaries, before reaching its confluence with the Langlo River west of Charleville. The Langlo is itself a tributary of the Warrego River that flows into the Darling River. The river descends 105 metres (344 ft) over its 455-kilometre (283 mi) course.[1]

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