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Warez P2P Client
Warez logo.png
Stable release
3.1.1 (2007)
Operating system Windows
Type Peer-to-peer
License Proprietary

Warez P2P is a proprietary peer-to-peer filesharing service released in January 2004 that uses the Ares network, and offers a service similar to that of Kazaa. Up to version 3.1.1, Warez P2P was a clone of Ares Galaxy, created by Italian developer Alberto Trevisan, but since then has been developed independently by Neoteric Ltd.

Warez P2P service[edit]

Warez P2P claims that it has faster download times than Kazaa and Gnutella networks due to a better implemented multi-sourced swarm downloading technology, no spyware, faster and more complete searches than other file-sharing programs. It also has chat rooms which are shared with all clients of the Ares network.

Warez P2P hosted on the warezclient.com website, is enthusiastically touted by the website as a spyware and adware free filesharing service, however some users report that adware is present inside at least the free version of the program.[1] As of December 2006, Warez P2P claims to be the third largest decentralized, proprietary P2P filesharing network with over 1.5 million simultaneous online users.[2] With an arguably dubious name though, the future of Warez P2P remains in question as long as the RIAA and other recording industry bodies increase legal action against P2P filesharing networks.[3] In 2008 the developers halted production, seeing their support forum close to the public.[4]


There are two alternative stand-alone clients that connect to the Ares network. Ares Galaxy is free open source software on which Warez P2P is based. KCeasy is also free open source software released under the GNU General Public License that connects to the Ares network in addition to the OpenFT and Gnutella networks.

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