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Publication information
Publisher Harvey Comics
Schedule Bi-monthly
Format Anthology
Publication date Sept. 1951 – Feb. 1967
No. of issues 39

Warfront was a war comic published by Harvey Comics. The comic claimed to depict "True War Exposes".[1] The first issue of Warfront was September 1951.[2] From January 1956 – September 1958 the covers of Warfront were rendered by Jack Kirby.

Publication history[edit]

The first 35 issues of Warfront were published from Sept. 1951 – Nov. 1958, with issues #26–35 published under the Thrill Adventure imprint. After a seven-year hiatus, issues #36–39 were published from 1965–1967 under the Harvey Thriller imprint. The final issue of Warfront was #39 (September 1967).[2]

Covers and themes[edit]

The cover of issue #28 (January 1956) shows a bomber engulfed in flames.[3] "The Secret Bridge", an original six page story inside, concerns a French volunteer. He helps settle a dispute two soldiers are having during the Korean War. The Bob Powell studio embellished each panel (comics) with detailed backgrounds and expressionistic lighting schemes.[4] Most of the cover is occupied by one of the plane's parachuting crew members. The man is firing what appears to be a combination of a carbine and a submachine gun. The weapon is being aimed at unseen enemy fighters. Warfront #29 (September 1957) shows a marine firing his tommy gun into a destroyed bunker. This kills the remaining survivors.[3]



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