Warhawk (1986 video game)

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Warhawk Coverart.png
Developer(s)Proteus Developments
Designer(s)Proteus Developments
Composer(s)Rob Hubbard
Platform(s)Commodore 64,[1] Atari 8-bit family,[2] Amstrad CPC,[3][4] Atari ST
Genre(s)Vertically scrolling shooter
Mode(s)Single player

Warhawk is a vertically scrolling shooter published in 1986 by Firebird software. It was released for the Commodore 64,[1] Atari 8-bit family,[2] Amstrad CPC[3] and Atari ST.

The 8-bit versions of the game were budget-priced (£1.99) releases on Firebird's "Silver 199" sub-label.


The player must dodge and destroy obstacles along a vertically scrolling screen. The end of each level has a large number of ships flying at the player from many angles.[5]


Computer and Video Games reviewed the Atari version which they compared to Uridium. They admired the asteroid graphics but thought those of the aliens were a little weak though "they swoop around fast enough to keep you on your toes." The game was awarded a 7/10 score.[6]

Commodore User praised the game's presentation, graphics and enemy AI which was considered to be superior to Uridium's. It was given an 8/10 overall score.[7]


A 're-envisioning' of the game exists as homebrew software for the Nintendo DS.[8] While not a complete remake of the original game, it retains the same graphical feel and gameplay mechanics as the original. This project also involved some of the same developers as the 1986 release, as explained on Headsoft's site as well as in the game itself.


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