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Wari may refer to:

  • Wari' people, Amazonian Amerindian nation
  • Wari culture, Middle Horizon civilization that flourished in Peru
  • Wari Empire, political formation that emerged around AD 500 in Peru
  • Wari ruins, ruins of the capital city of the Wari Empire, located near Quinua, Peru
  • Wari (dance), a typical dance of the Ancash Region in Peru
  • Wari River, a river in Ethiopia
  • Wari (game), or Oware, a board game
  • Wari Tehsil, an administrative division in Upper Dir District, northern Pakistan
  • Wari Thana, an administrative unit in Dhaka District, Bangladesh
  • Pandharpur Wari, an annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India in honor of the deity Vithoba
  • WARI-LP, a low-power radio station (98.5 FM) licensed to serve Rochester, New York, United States

See also[edit]

  • Warri, a city in Nigeria