Warka Brewery

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Warka Brewery
Industry Alcoholic beverage
Website www.warka.com.pl
Type Beer
Country of origin Poland
Introduced 1478
Alcohol by volume 5.7 %
Style Pale lager
Website www.warka.com.pl

The Warka Brewery /ˈvɑːrkə/ (Polish pronunciation: [ˈvarka]) is one of Poland's oldest breweries and belongs to the Żywiec Group. Żywiec Group has five main breweries: Żywiec Brewery, Elbrewery, Leżajsk Brewery, Cieszyn Brewery and Warka Brewery, and is majority owned by the Dutch Heineken Group. The brewery is located in the historic center of Warka, Poland.


The company claims that in 1478 Bolesław V, the Mazovian Prince, reserved to Warka the exclusive right to supply beer to his court. The current plant was opened in 1975, under the Zakłady Piwowarskie w Warszawie (Warsaw Brewing Industries). Warka Brewery was purchased in 1999 by Grupa Żywiec S.A. The brewery was modernized in 2004 and now has a production capacity between 200-350 million litres annually. It is the second largest brewery in Grupa Żywiec.

The Warka Brewery makes three products: "Warka", "Strong" and "Królewskie", the latter meaning royal.


Warka is well known for its distinct red packaging. The label has a picture of the historic center of the town Warka. On the export bottle the red label has a winged hussar knight on horseback holding a lance, along with the year 1478 emblazoned underneath.

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