Warkany syndrome 1

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Not to be confused with Trisomy 8, known as Warkany Syndrome 2

Warkany syndrome 1 was an X-chromosome linked recessive genetic condition originally described by Joseph Warkany in 1961 as part of an article on intrauterine growth retardation[1] - the condition is no longer diagnosed. The family history was consistent with X-linked recessive inheritance of intrauterine growth retardation and small head size, but these features are not unique to this condition and no linkage to a specific gene was ever established. In fact, the condition appears to have been abandoned, given that the OMIM number (308400) assigned to it ([1]) and listed in a review article on X-linked mental retardation[2] has been removed from the OMIM database. Furthermore, this condition is no longer mentioned in a more recent review of X-linked mental retardation.[3]


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