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A warlord is a military leader.

Warlord, War Lord or Warlords may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]






  • Warlords, a 1979 novel by Bob Langley
  • The Warlord, a 1983–1987 series of novels by Jason Frost
    • The Warlord, the first novel in the series
  • Warlord!, a 1987 novel by Janet Morris
  • Warlord, a 1990 novel by Kevin D. Randle, writing as Eric Helm
  • The Warlord, a 1995 novel by Elizabeth Elliott
  • Warlord, a 2003 book by David Drake and S. M. Stirling, an omnibus of the first two Bellevue series novels
  • The Warlords, a 2003 novel by Matt Braun
  • War Lord, a 2006 novel based on the DC Comics character John Constantine, written by John Shirley
  • Warlord, a 2005 novel by Jennifer Fallon
  • Warlord, a 2007 book by Angela Knight, an omnibus of the first two Time Hunters series novels
  • Warlord, a 2010 novel by Ted Bell
  • Warlord, a 2012 novel by Angus Donald, the fourth volume in The Outlaw Chronicles
  • The Warlords, a 2016 novel by Richard Denham and M. J. Trow, the third volume in the Britannia trilogy
  • Warlord, a 2017 novel by Chris Ryan
  • War Lord (novel), a 2020 novel by Bernard Cornwell, the last volume of The Saxon Stories
  • Warlord, a 2020 novel by Mel Odom, the third volume in the Makaum War series


Other uses[edit]

  • The Warlord (wrestler), a ring name of professional wrestler Terry Szopinski
  • War Lords, a militant African-American youth organization founded in the 1960s
  • "WARLORDS", call sign of United States Navy helicopter squadron HSM-51
  • VMFA-451, a deactivated United States Marine Corps fighter squadron that was nicknamed "The Warlords"

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