Warlords of Utopia

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Warlords of Utopia
Warlords of Utopia.jpg
AuthorLance Parkin
Cover artistSteve Johnson
CountryUnited States
SeriesFaction Paradox
GenreScience Fiction
PublisherMad Norwegian Press
Publication date
Media typePrint (Trade Paperback)
Pages192 pp
Preceded byOf the City of the Saved... 
Followed byWarring States 

Warlords of Utopia is an original novel by Lance Parkin set in the Faction Paradox universe.[1][2] It has been described as 'possibly [Parkin's] finest accomplishment to date'.[3]

Parkin developed the idea for a Doctor Who book that was not published.[4] The published version is his second attempt to write it for Faction Paradox. The first was turned down by editor Lawrence Miles.

Plot introduction[edit]

The glorious Roman Empire has ruled for nearly twenty-seven centuries when Marcus Americanius Scriptor acquires a strange bracelet from a mysterious stranger. With this bracelet, he finds he is able to travel to alternate Romes, worlds where the course of history has diverged from that with which he is familiar. And further out, worlds where there is no Roman Empire at all, and a cruel new regime in Germania is on a path of conquest. This leads to a conflict between all the parallel universes in which Rome never fell against all the parallel universes in which the Nazis won World War II.

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