Warmadewa dynasty

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The Belanjong pillar in Sanur issued in 914 CE by Sri Kesari Warmadewa, the founder of the Warmadewa dynasty. Sanur, Bali.
The deified statue of King Airlangga depicted as Vishnu mounting Garuda, found in Belahan, collection of Trowulan Museum, East Java.

The Warmadewa dynasty, also Varmadeva dynasty, was a regnal dynasty in the island of Bali.


It is considered that the dynasty was founded by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in the 10th century. Sri Kesari Warmadewa is the first Balinese king to have left an inscription with his name, on the Belanjong pillar.

The dynasty prospered for several generations, one of its descendant being the famous king Udayana Warmadewa.[1] Udayana Warmadewa was the father of Airlangga, another famous Balinese king,[2] who also ruled over the island of Java.

Kings of the Warmadewa dynasty[edit]

"Jaya" dynasty:

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