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The Warner Family is a fictional family in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. They have appeared in the show from 1992 to 1996, and since 2000. The most well known member of this family is Dr. Chris Warner, and he is one of the longest-running characters on the show.

Family Members[edit]

Sir Bruce Warner was a successful doctor who was knighted for his services to medicine. He was married to Margot Warner and they had three children; twins Chris and Amanda, born 22 November 1965, and Guy, born 14 February 1968. Guy was actually the product of an affair between Bruce and Chris' nanny, which was kept a secret until 1995. Amanda was disabled, so Bruce covered up her birth and told the family that she had died because of the shame she would've brought to the family. Chris was married to Melanie Kirk in 1989, but they divorced in 1991. In May 1992, at the show's start, Chris had an affair with Jill (Suzy Aiken) whilst in a relationship with Alison Warner (Danielle Cormack) who he ended up getting engaged to. However he called off the wedding to reconcille with Melanie. The reconciliation was short and Chris ended up back with Alison, however the night before their wedding Chris was drugged by Darryl (Mark Ferguson), and ended up missing the wedding and losing Alison.

Guy fell for Carmen Roberts (Theresa Healey). Guy cheated and they briefly broke up before Carmen fell pregnant and gave birth to daughter Tuesday (Kelly Tate) in 1995. Carmen died following a truck crash in the hospital.

Chris fell in love with Tiffany Pratt (Alison James). The two married and Chris and Guy ended up leaving with Chris to seek surgery in America on a tumour Tuesday had developed neurologically. The following year Chris and Tiffany divorced when she discovered him in bed with Alison. He and Alison ended up marrying offscreen.

Nothing was heard of the Warners until 2000 when Chris returned to Shortland Street and made it a public hospital. He ended up in a relationship with Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield), but a one-night stand with nurse - Toni Thompson (Laura Hill) resulted in the birth of Harry Thompson Warner(Joshua Thompson) on 9 May 2002.

Toni's brother Dom arrived to visit and quickly got a job at the hospital. He mysteriously got on well with rival Chris' (Michael Galvin) mother Margot (now Dinah Priestley) and when she died, Dom revealed himself as Chris' illegitimate half brother and took the Warner surname. Following a blood test, Dom realized that he was not related to Chris but kept it a secret whilst he started an affair with Delphi Grenlaw. To hide the affair, he drugged his wife Emily Bredican and soon became a suspect in the murder of Geoff Greenlaw, Delphi's brother. Once Chris discovered the truth, Dom fled.

Dom returned later in 2004. He managed to successfully avoid capture in relation to Geoff's murder and when Avril (Kate Louise-Elliot) began snooping, he drowned her in his bath tub. When the staff started to turn against Dom, his mental state crumbled and after escaping a psych ward, he lured Chris to a barn and tried to set him on fire. Unsuccessful, Dom ended up getting caught in a large explosion. With intense burns, Dom finally admitted to killing Geoff and Avril before he died in Toni's arms.

Chris and Toni reunited in Fiji and after Dom nearly murdered Chris, he ended up marrying a pregnant Toni. The baby miscarried and the couple briefly separated. Chris developed an anxiety disorderbut an affairwith Justine Jones (Laurie Foell) cured it, but ended up ending his marriage to Toni, losing her to

Guy returned in May 2007 with a teenage Tuesday (now Olivia Tennet). Chris soon discovered Guy was a drug addict. Infuriated, Guy fled Ferndale with Toni, their son Harry (now Henry Williams) and Tuesday. Chris located them 6 months later and they ended up getting in a severe car crash, landing Guy in a coma. When he awoke he continued his newfound relationship with Toni and resorted to rehab to kick his addiction. He realized Toni was still in love with Chris and had a one-night stand with Alice Piper (Toni Potter) before returning to America in April 2008.

A few weeks later, Toni contracts the Norovirus and dies on 12 June 2008. Chris raises Harry solo for the next two years.

In March 2010, Margot Warner's nephew and Chris' cousin Isaac Worthington (Matt Minto) arrives and he is as much a playboy as Chris was back in the day. He has relationships with many women around the hospital, including Libby Jeffries, Tania Jeffries, and most importantly, Brooke Freeman. He also develops a rivalry with Luke Durville, who thinks Issac is an arrogant surgeon.

Alison Raynor died on 12 November 2009 in a boating accident. In August 2010, Alison's uncle Brian tells Chris of his long lost son Phoenix, who Alison had after Chris returned to New Zealand. Alison and Phoenix lived in America, but after growing sick of the American school system, they returned to New Zealand. After Alison died, Phoenix lived with his great uncle on his farm in Southland.

In 2013, Grace Kwan would return to Shortland Street, revealing to Chris she wished to have a daughter through artificial insemination. Chris would agree and the pair's daughter, Trinity Margot Kwan would be born in 2014, but not after causing strain on Chris and Rachel's relationship. Chris and Rachel would be married in 2014 and after a brief separation in 2015, they would reconcile. Rachel however would have a drug relapse in 2016 and would flee Ferndale in disgrace.

Also in 2016, all three Burton triplets would return to Chris after the passing of Carrie Burton offscreen. Finbar would be the first to return in July and would reveal Carrie remarried to a man by the name John Connelly, had adopted his surname and had bestowed it upon her children. Finbar, or Finn as he was now known was followed by Sarah later in the year and finally Frank, fresh out of jail would arrive in the last episode of 2016.

Family Tree[edit]

m= married a= affair s= sperm donor c= children


Sir Bruce Warner (died December 1995)
 m. Margot Worthington (?-1995)
   c. Christopher Alexander "Chris" Warner (born 22 November 1965)
     m. Melanie Kirk (1989–91)
     s. Carrie Burton
       c. Frank Connelly (born 11 October 1993)
       c. Finbar "Finn" Connelly (born 11 October 1993)
       c. Sarah "Sass" Connelly (born 11 October 1993)
     m. Tiffany Pratt (1996–98)
     m. Alison Raynor (1998–2001) 
       c. Phoenix Raynor (born September 1996)
     m. Antoinette "Toni" Thompson (2005–2008; died 12 June 2008)
       c. Harry Warner (born 23 May 2002) 
       c. James Warner (miscarried 2005)
     m. Rachel McKenna (2014-)
     s. Grace Kwan 
      c. Trinity Kwan (born 1 October 2014) 
   c. Amanda Warner (born 22 November 1965)
 a. Chris' nanny
   c. Guy Warner (born 14 February 1968)
     m. Carmen Roberts
       c. Tuesday Warner (born 24 October 1995)


 m. Unknown 
   c. Margot Worthington (died 2003)
      m. Sir Bruce Warner (?-1995)
        c. Chris Warner (born 22 November 1965)
          m. Melanie Kirk (1989–91)
          s. Carrie Burton
            c. Frank Burton (born 11 October 1993)
            c. Finbar Burton (born 11 October 1993)
            c. Sarah Burton (born 11 October 1993)
          m. Tiffany Pratt (1996–98)
          m. Alison Raynor (1998–2001)
            c. Phoenix Raynor (born September 1996)
          m. Antoinette "Toni" Thompson (2005–2008; died 12 June 2008)
            c. Harry Warner (born 23 May 2002) 
            c. James Warner (miscarried 2005) 
          m. Rachel McKenna (2014-) 
          s. Grace Kwan 
            c. Trinity Kwan (born 1 October 2014)
        c. Amanda Warner (born 22 November 1965)
        c. Guy Warner (adopted by Margot)
          m. Carmen Roberts (died 25 December 1995)
            c. Tuesday Warner (born 24 October 1995)
   c. Desmond Worthington
     m. Cecile Cartier
       c. Isaac Worthington
       c. Joseph Worthington (adopted)
   c. Garth Worthington


Anthony Thompson
 m. Ngaire Thompson
   c. Dominic "Dom" Thompson (died 2 December 2004)
     m. Emily Bredican (2003–2004)
   c. Antoinette "Toni" Thompson (died 12 June 2008)
     m. Matt McAllister (2003–05)
     a. Chris Warner 
       c. Harry Warner (born 23 May 2002) 
     m. Chris Warner (2005–08)
       c. James Warner (miscarried 2005)

Family Tree[edit]


Garth Worthington


Cecile Cartier


Desmond Worthington


Margot Worthington


Bruce Warner




Issac Worthington


Joseph Worthington


Carrie Burton


Chris Warner


Melanie Kirk


Amanda Warner


Guy Warner


Carmen Roberts


Tiffany Pratt


Frank BurtonFinbar BurtonSarah Burton


Toni Warner


Tuesday Warner


Alison Raynor


Harry Warner


James Warner


Grace Kwan


Phoenix Raynor


Trinity Kwan And Rachel Mckenna