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Warner Music Group's labels include the following.

Flagship labels[edit]

Atlantic Records Group[edit]

Elektra Music Group[edit]

Warner Records[edit]

Parlophone Label Group[edit]

Rhino Entertainment[edit]

Warner Music Nashville[edit]

Alternative Distribution Alliance[edit]

Arts Music[edit]

Warner Classics[edit]

International labels[edit]

Warner Music International[edit]

Warner Music International (formerly WEA International) is the international copyright holder and distributor for North American artists on the Warner Music record labels. An example of this is on the credits for the American artists albums which states i.e. "Warner Bros. Records, Inc. for the U.S. and WEA International, Inc. for the world outside the U.S."[2]

WEA is also referred to as Warner Music International or Warner Music Entertainment and has divisions worldwide such as Australia, Japan and all over Europe. These branches are usually called Warner Music followed by the name of the country. Some labels have more than one record company for example the UK has Warner Bros. Records UK and Atlantic Records UK but both trade through Warner Music UK, Limited. These labels market and distribute artists in those specific regions are all part of WEA International/Warner Music International


Spinnin' Records (acquired in 2017)

As Warner Music[edit]
As Parlophone Label Group[edit]


North America[edit]
South America[edit]