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Incubus warning.png
Single by Incubus
from the album Morning View
Released May 28, 2002
Recorded 2001
Length 4:42 (Album Version)
3:50 (Radio Edit)
Label Epic/Immortal
Songwriter(s) Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, Alex Katunich, Chris Kilmore and José Pasillas
Producer(s) Incubus
Incubus singles chronology
"Nice to Know You"
"Are You In?"

"Nice to Know You"
"Are You In?"

"Warning" is the third single from Incubus's 2001 album Morning View. It is the 8th track from the album.

Music video[edit]


The video (set in Sydney, Australia and directed by Francis Lawrence) shows a girl in a hoodie, wearing a digital watch, who stares blankly ahead, apparently oblivious to anyone around her, even though she stands in the middle of crowded areas, namely:

  • an airport terminal
  • a school classroom
  • a church sanctuary aisle
  • a grocery aisle
  • a busy urban intersection
  • an office
  • a supermarket

However, at exactly 10:23 AM, she screams in an extremely shrill voice (which is, like most character dialogue in the video save for the band's singers, inaudible and subtitled), and screams for exactly one whole minute.

This process, according to the video, takes place over the course of three days. At the end of the video, it is revealed that exactly 10:24, all the places featured in the video are abandoned, as if the individuals who beheld the girl in any of these environments, and eventually, the entire city's populace, had suddenly vanished or were abducted. This is exemplified by:

  • an inner-city public bus whose drivers and passengers have disappeared, but eventually runs onto the sidewalk.
  • a dropped coffee mug
  • a still-moving cart in the grocery store

The band itself is playing the song in a loft; they also disappear at the end of the video. The message of this song and video encourages people to live life to the fullest, because at any moment it could be over.

Track list[edit]

US promo

  1. "Warning (radio edit)"
  2. "Warning (album version)"

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