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Warora is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 20°13′48″N 79°00′03″E / 20.230013°N 79.0008°E / 20.230013; 79.0008Coordinates: 20°13′48″N 79°00′03″E / 20.230013°N 79.0008°E / 20.230013; 79.0008
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Chandrapur
Elevation 211 m (692 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 46,532
 • Official Marathi,Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Warora is a dream city and municipal council in Chandrapur district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. During the British Raj, the town was part of the Central Provinces and was a coal-mining center. The work place of famous social worker Baba Amte, "Anandwan"[2] is situated in Warora.


The story of Tata Steel is a century old and Sir Jamsetji Tata had idea of starting Steel plant near Warora region. At the age of forty-three in 1882, Jamsetji read a report by a German geologist, Ritter von Schwartz, that the best situated deposits of iron ore were in Chandrapur district in the Central provinces, not far from Nagpur where he worked. They area named was Lohara, after the iron ore deposits nearby. In the vicinity, Warora had deposits of coal. Jamsetji is believed to have visited Lohara himself and obtained specimens of Warora coal for testing. He took a consignment of coal with him and had it tested in Germany. The coal was found unsuitable. The mining terms offered by the government were too restrictive, and Jamsetji gave up the project. But the idea of giving India a steel plant abided with him.[3]


Warora is located at 20°14′N 79°00′E / 20.23°N 79.0°E / 20.23; 79.0.[4] Its average elevation is 250 meters (820.21 feet).


The population recorded, as per the 2011 census of India,[5] was 46,571 (52% male, 48% female, and 12% under the age of six years). The average literacy rate in Warora is 77% which is higher than the national average (59.5%). Male literacy is higher (82%) than female (72%).


Ganesha Chaturthi,Durga Puja,Navratri, a Hindu festival is attended by large crowds. Tight security is assigned during the Idol immersion procession known as Ganesha Visharjan. A unique aspect of Ganesha Chaturthi in Warora is that the festival lasts one day longer than it does elsewhere in India, and has done since historic times. Celebration of Hanuman Jayanti is also very remarkable in Warora. Huge rally demonstrating arts and culture gets initiated towards celebration of Hanuman Jayanti. Dasra is another festival which is also celebrated with huge enthusiasm,Bengalis in Warora Organize a big celebration of Durga Puja.


"Anandwan" literally, Forest of Joy, located around 1 kilometres from Warora in Chandrapur district in the state of Maharashtra, India, is an ashram of 465 hectares and a community rehabilitation centre which was mainly started for leprosy patients and the disabled from downtrodden sections of society. It was founded in 1948 by noted social activist Baba Amte. The project is run by the organisation Maharogi Seva Samiti. Two of its other projects are Lok Biradari Prakalp and Somnath, a village for cured leprosy patients.

Baba Amte developed Anandwan to be a self-contained ashram (which could be described as "a kibbutz for the sick"). Today residents are self-sufficient in terms of basic subsistence through agriculture. Land fertility in the region has been revived by works of leprosy patients and is maintained by using organic farming techniques and micro-water management. In addition the ashram has various home-based, small-scale industry units run by the residents that generate income to cover additional requirements. Baba Amte also shaped Anandwan as an environmentally aware community to practice energy utilization, waste recycling and minimizing use of natural resources that might otherwise lead to their depletion.

Anandwan today has two hospitals, a college, an orphanage, a school for the blind, a school for the deaf and a technical wing. More than 5,000 people are dependent on it for their livelihood. Vikas Amte, Baba Amte's elder son, is the chief functionary at Anandwan.

Educational institutions[edit]

  • Anand Niketan College of Arts, Science and Commerce
  • Lokmanya Vidyalaya
  • Lokmanya Kanya Vidyalaya
  • Hiralal Lohiya vidyalaya
  • Hiralal Lohiya College
  • Karmavir Vidyalaya
  • St.Hilda's English School
  • Sanskar Bharati Public School
  • St. Anne's Convent School and High School
  • Mata Mahakali Polytechnic.
  • St Annes high school
  • St. Anne's public school
  • Shivaji Science & Art's Jr. College
  • St. Marry's Gurukul

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