Warp20 (Recreated)

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Warp20 (Recreated)
Warp20 (Recreated).jpg
Compilation album of cover versions by various artists
Released 28 September 2009
Genre House, IDM, Ambient, Indie rock
Length 1:37:12
Label Warp Records
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Pitchfork Media (8.4/10)[1]
Pop Matters (8/10)[2]

Warp20 (Recreated) is a compilation album released by Warp Records in 2009. It contains covers of Warp artists, such as Aphex Twin, LFO, Boards of Canada and Grizzly Bear, by other Warp artists, such as Plaid, Autechre and Mira Calix. Warp20 (Recreated) was released as part of the Warp20 box set, released to commemorate the label's 20th anniversary.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
# Artist Title Original artist Original release Length
1. Born Ruffians "Milkman / To Cure a Weakling Child" Aphex Twin Girl/Boy EP / Richard D. James Album (1996) 5:32
2. Jimi Tenor "Japanese Electronics" Elecktroids Elektroworld (1995) 5:26
3. Maxïmo Park "When" Vincent Gallo When (2001) 3:34
4. Tim Exile "A Little Bit More" Jamie Lidell Multiply (2005) 4:04
5. Rustie "Midnight Drive" Elecktroids Elektroworld (1995) 3:39
6. Luke Vibert "LFO" LFO Frequencies (1991) 5:48
7. Autechre "What Is House? (LFO Remix)" LFO What Is House? EP (1992) 4:26
8. Russell Haswell "Cabasa Cabasa" Wild Planet Blueprint (1993) 4:51
9. Clark "So Malleable" Milanese 1Up (2004) 4:58
10. Diamond Watch Wrists "Fool in Rain" Pivot O Soundtrack My Heart (2008) 5:30
11. Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday Nite "Paint the Stars" Jimi Tenor Out of Nowhere (2000) 3:05
Disc two
# Artist Title Original artist Original release Length
1. Mark Pritchard "3/4 Heart" Balil Black Dog Productions' Bytes (1993) 7:13
2. Mira Calix with Oliver Coates "In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country" Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country EP (2000) 6:16
3. Pivot "Colorado" Grizzly Bear Yellow House (2006) 4:14
4. Bibio "Kaini Industries" Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children (1998) 3:41
5. Jamie Lidell "Little Brother" Grizzly Bear Yellow House (2006) 4:42
6. Leila "Vordhosbn" Aphex Twin Drukqs (2001) 5:01
7. John Callaghan "Phaylactery" (orig. "Tilapia") Autechre Cichlisuite EP (1997) 5:35
8. Gravenhurst "I Found the F" Broadcast Tender Buttons (2005) 3:27
9. Plaid "On My Bus" Plone For Beginner Piano (1999) 4:16
10. Seefeel "Acrobat" Maxïmo Park A Certain Trigger (2005) 4:03

The Japanese edition, released on Beat Records, includes the bonus track "Hey! Hey! Can U Relate?" by Nightmares on Wax (original by DJ Mink) on the second disc.


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