Warp 11

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Warp 11
Origin Sacramento, California, USA
Genres Alternative rock, punk rock
Years active 1999–present
Website Warp 11 Official Site
Members Captain Karl Miller
Chief Engineer Brian Moore
Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer
Commander John Merlino
Past members Chief Medical Officer Jeff Hewitt

Warp 11 is an independent rock band from Sacramento, California, that performs original songs with lyrics entirely about Star Trek. Warp 11 music covers a wide range of styles including alternative, classic rock, punk, country and blues. Their lyrics are humorous and sometimes profane. Warp 11 was interviewed in the Paramount Pictures documentary Trekkies 2. The Warp 11 song "Everything I Do, I Do With William Shatner" was included in the television broadcast of the Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner.

Band history[edit]

Early years[edit]

In 1996, Karl Miller was working for an Internet broadcasting company, Play TV, making a streaming Internet video show about Star Trek. Karl decided to form a band that only sang songs about Star Trek to fill time on the show. He had already been in bands with Jeff Hewitt as a teenager and the rest of the band fell into place quickly.[1] Warp 11 formed in 1999 with Karl Miller, Brian Moore, Jeff Hewitt, and Kiki Stockhammer.

A new drummer[edit]

John Merlino, although not an official member of Warp 11, could often be seen playing drums for Warp 11 during concerts to allow Hewitt to take center stage (or to relieve him when he was injured and couldn't play a full set, since Warp 11's sets averaged close to two hours at that time) and was unofficially given the rank of ensign in 2005. At a September 2007 performance in San Francisco, Merlino played drums for the entire show, and during the performance Miller hinted that Hewitt had left the band due to physical problems resulting from numerous injuries. Merlino was promoted from "ensign" to "number one" (commander or first officer) at that show. Miller stated that Hewitt may return occasionally to lend his vocal talents, which he did for the CD release performance of "Suck My Spock Some More".

Band members[edit]

Current members

"Captain" Karl Miller – bass and vocals
"Chief Engineer" Brian Moore – guitar and vocals
"Chief Science Officer" Kiki Stockhammer – keyboards and vocals
"Commander" John Merlino – drums

Former members

"Chief Medical Officer" Jeff Hewitt – drums and vocals 1999–2007


Warp 11 has released seven studio albums to date.

  • Suck My Spock (2000) – The final song of the album, "Montalban", is commonly the final song played at Warp 11 concerts. Like all of their future albums, this first Warp 11 album features songs with Star Trek as the subject matter. Suck My Spock has not been embraced by some Star Trek fans due to the crude sound of the album title.
  • Red Alert (2002)
  • Boldly Go Down On Me (2005)
  • It's Dead, Jim (2007)
  • Suck My Spock Some More (2008) – This album features remastered and remixed songs from Suck My Spock as well as two previously unrecorded songs.
  • I Don't Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They Have Vulcans in Hell (2009) – SyFy Channel said of this album, "Best played loud, Vulcans in Hell is hard-driving and muscular, laced with raunchy sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll humor and profanity."[2] This is the first album with John Merlino playing drums.
  • Borgasm (2011) – Warp 11's first concept album, about a clash of wills between a Starfleet Captain, a treacherous deserting security officer, and the Borg Queen.
  • Rock Out With Your Spock Out (2015)



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