Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation

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Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation
Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation cover.jpg
Compilation album by SideOneDummy Records
Released June 8, 2010
Genre Emo, punk rock,[1] alternative
Label SideOneDummy
Official Warped Tour compilation chronology
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Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation
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The Warped Tour 2010 Tour Compilation is the fifteenth installment in the annual compilation series accompanying the Warped Tour. The cover is a photograph of Blink-182 performing on the 1999 Warped Tour.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "The Rock Show" (from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket) Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, Travis Barker Blink-182 2:49
2. "The American Scream" (from This Addiction) Matt Skiba, Dan Andriano, Derek Grant Alkaline Trio 2:49
3. "Captain Kelly's Kitchen" (live; from Live on Lansdowne, Boston MA) traditional Dropkick Murphys 2:39
4. "Never Say Die / When You're Young" (from Ghosts on the Boardwalk) Greg Attonito, Pete Steinkopf, Bryan Kienlen, Michael McDermott The Bouncing Souls 3:47
5. "We Are the One" (from The People or the Gun) Justin Sane, Chris #2, Chris Head, Pat Thetic Anti-Flag 2:57
6. "After One Quarter of a Revolution" (from New Junk Aesthetic) Keith Buckley, Jordan Buckley, Josh Newton, Andy Williams, Mike Novak Every Time I Die 2:03
7. "Chelsea Smile" (from Suicide Season) Oliver Sykes, Matt Kean, Matt Nicholls, Lee Malia, Curtis Ward Bring Me the Horizon 5:00
8. "Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)" (from This Will Be the Death of Us) Michael Ambrose, Audelio Flores Jr., Matthew Wilson, Joe Saucedo, Jordan Brown, Daniel Coddaire, Mike Green Set Your Goals featuring Vinnie Caruana 2:47
9. "Carrion" (from Horizons) Luke Kilpatrick, Jeff Ling, Ben Gordon, Winston McCall Parkway Drive 2:56
10. "Cadillac One" (from Perfume and Piss) Colin Abrahall, Ross Lomas, Colin Blyth, Scott Preece GBH 3:07
11. "We Are All We Have" (from We Are All We Have) Jorge Herrera, Rick Lopez, Jake Kolatis, Mark Eggers The Casualties 3:05
12. "Clap Your Hands" (from The Wages) Reverend J. Peyton, Breezy Peyton, Aaron Persinger The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band 4:20
13. "Robots May Break Your Heart" (from Underneath the Owl) Fadi El-Assad, Michael Wiebe, Ian MacDougall, Robert Marchant Riverboat Gamblers 3:36
14. "A Night at the Spleen" (from First Temple) Michael Barrett, Christopher DeCinque, Brad Kimber, Beau McKee, Mansur Zennelli Closure in Moscow 3:49
15. "Messin' Around" (from The Ramblers) Todd Hembrook Deal's Gone Bad 3:15
16. "Heartless" (B-side from It's Great to Be Alive sessions) Chris Farren, Derek Perry, Casey Lee, Sean Stevenson Fake Problems 3:04
17. "Carry the Banner" (from Cavalcade) Scott Brigham, Chris Cresswell, Jon Darbey, Paul Ramirez The Flatliners 2:53
18. "Sleeper" (from Ups and Downsizing) Nick Diener, Jonathan Diener The Swellers 2:54
19. "Living Saints" (from Chasing Hamburg) Nathan Morris, Erik Henning, Emmett Menke, Scott Morris, James Stadt Polar Bear Club 2:31
20. "Thicker Than Water" (from American Rubicon) Devin Peralta Cobra Skulls 1:58
21. "Basement Royalty" (from Good Views, Bad News) Joshua Baird, Ty Vaughn, Matt Koenig Broadway Calls 3:02
22. "No We Didn't" (from Chamberlain Waits) Joe Godino, Greg Barnett, Tom May, Eric Keen The Menzingers 1:32
23. "Don't Lose Hope" (from Sell Out for the Poontang) Calum Sutton, Adam Marsden, Danny Wareing, Jonny Marriner Middle Finger Salute 2:42
24. "Out There" (from Junkie)   Longway 2:32
25. "Fight for It" (from Scream! Spit! Sing!) Raine Palladino, Shira Yevin Shiragirl 2:49
26. "Smoke Blower" (from Black Thorn) Tobin Bawinkel, Justin Bawinkel, Kyle Bawinkel Flatfoot 56 2:11
27. "Famous Last Line" (from The Jukebox Romantics) Chris Schultz, Seth Dellon, Michael Terry, Michael Stratton, Joe Jacobs The Jukebox Romantics 2:25
Disc 2
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?" (from Anywhere but Here) Derek Sanders, Alex Garcia, Brooks Betts, Jeremy Lenzo, Jake Bundrick, Bobby Huff Mayday Parade 3:27
2. "Sexual Man Chocolate" (from Attack Attack!) Johnny Franck, Andrew Whiting, John Holgado, Caleb Shomo, Andrew Wetzel Attack Attack! 3:05
3. "Tonight We Feel Alive (On a Saturday)" (from Enemy of the World) Alan Clifford, Russle Massucco, Daniel O'Connor, Joseph Weiss Four Year Strong 3:42
4. "Caraphernelia" (from Selfish Machines) Vic Fuentes Pierce the Veil 4:20
5. "Hello Fascination" (from Hello Fascination) Kyle Even, David Schmitt, Mike Green, Scott Wilcox Breathe Carolina 3:22
6. "Delete, Repeat" (from Recover) Ross Kenyon, Jeffrey Helberg, Joshua Paul, Trevor Vickers, Joel Piper Confide 2:41
7. "No Bed of Broken Glass" (from Road Maps and Heart Attacks) Pete Dowdalls, Brad Wiseman, Denis Cohen, Tony Allio, Robbie Coran This Time Next Year 2:41
8. "Set It Off Like Napalm" (from Relativity) Jonny Craig, ER White, Jonas Ladekjaer, Will Sowers, Lukas Koszewski, Jordan Stewart Emarosa 3:04
9. "The Thespian" (from The Emptiness) Shawn Milke, Patrick Thompson, Dennis Lee Alesana 3:52
10. "Gypsy Woman" (from The Words You Don't Swallow) Slade Echeverria, Mike Kitlas, Adam Juwig, Greg Garrity, Mike Green Anarbor 3:03
11. "Bones" (from Imperial) Cody Anderson, Scott Barnes, Ramin Niroomand, Noah Slifka, Tyler McElhaney, Mehdi Niroomand In Fear and Faith 3:22
12. "DT Killer"   Neo Geo 3:11
13. "Passion vs. Fashion" (from Not Quite an E.P.) Christian Lee, Handsome Rick, Mike Perez, Martin Alcedo, Danny Garrow No Bragging Rights 3:56
14. "Battle Royale" (from Empire) Justin Salinas, Zack Hansen, Tyler Smith, Nick Urlacher, Dusty Riach, Tony Pizzuti The Word Alive 3:47
15. "Elephants" (from We Will All Evolve) Matt Wentworth Our Last Night 3:28
16. "Party Girl" (from California Kicks) Alex Bigman, Josh Reef, Evan Henkel, Chris Begley, Kyle Wanninger Fight Fair 2:53
17. "Damn Rough Night" (from Favorite Fix) Joe Westbrook, Craig Calloway, Tarcy Thomason, Joe Kirkland, Jason Dean, A. Bello Artist vs. Poet 3:12
18. "Where's My Time Stick" (from Gravity Is What You Make of It) Patrick Fitzgerald, Karen Roberts, Meagan Christy, Joseph Cooper, Jose Rodriguez Jr., Tristan Dolce, Andrew Pedersen Chase Long Beach 3:01
19. "Both Sides of the Story" (from Guaranteed to Disagree) Tay Jardine, Jordan Eckes, Mike Ferri, Rob Chianelli, Cameron Hurley We Are the In Crowd 2:56
20. "Hello Mexico" (from Eyes to the Sun) Alex Roy, Patrick O'Connell, Toby McAllister, Ben Briggs Nate Spencer Sparks the Rescue 3:48
21. "The Common Hours" (from 3-D) Devin Oliver, Andrew Oliver, Jeff Valentine, Brent Allen, Jimmy Gregerson, Zach Johnson I See Stars 3:06
22. "Second & Sebring" (from Of Mice & Men) Austin Carlile, Shayley Bourget, Phil Manansala, Jaxin Hall, Valentino Arteaga Of Mice & Men 3:45
23. "Fast Girl" (from Audio & Murder) Kyle Driscoll, Chris Farnes, Brett Hartwell The Frantic 2:25
24. "Fixed at Zero" (from Fixed at Zero) Sierra Kusterbeck, Blake Harnage, Devin Ingelido VersaEmerge 3:38


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