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"The Zipper" at the Warragul Show

The Warragul Show is an agricultural show that was until 2017 held on the first Friday and Saturday of March annually since 1885 in Warragul, a town in the West Gippsland region of Victoria in Australia. The show takes place at the Warragul showgrounds, located at Logan Park where the greyhound and harness tracks are also situated.

The Warragul Show traditionally consisted of a carnival with fireworks, rides and a sideshow alley on the preceding Friday evening, whereas most scheduled events took place on the Saturday.

However, in 2017 this schedule was changed to a Saturday and Sunday offering, with the carnival rides only being open on the Saturday. An official notification read:

"After much discussion it has been decided not to open the show on the Friday evening. We will be opening the Show on the Saturday morning. We will then be continuing the show through Saturday afternoon and evening, closing on Saturday night."

Public response to this landmark decision has been mixed, with one unnamed Warragul resident remarking "No Friday night carnival? What a shame."

The Warragul Show attracts visitors from many different towns in the West Gippsland area. One main attraction to the show is its farming aspect, taking place on Saturday (and from 2017 on Sundays). Events for horses, cattle, goats, rabbits and birds are huge and attract many visitors. There are also art and craft events, photography, flower arrangement and baking. The other is the carnival aspect, which traditionally took place on the Friday night, but from 2017 will be compressed into a single day on Saturday. Rides like The Zipper and Alpine Express have been seen at the show for several years. There are lots of stalls selling hot doughnuts, fairy floss, hot chips and soft drinks; there are also games with prizes of large stuffed toys. Later at night, there is a fireworks display at the Warragul show that can be seen and heard all around the area.

The show is run by the Warragul and West Gippsland Agricultural Society.

Recent reviews of the event have been mixed, with the 2018 show in particular receiving scathing reviews on its official Facebook page. Several 1 out of 5 reviews make reference to the reduced range of rides and events. In addition, the now commonplace complaints about the lack of Friday night entertainment have continued, with some observers questioning the viability of the show's "Fun-less Friday" policy for the 2019 event and beyond.

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