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Warren (/ˈwɒrɪn/) is a common English and Irish surname and a masculine given name derived from the French surname, "de Warenne", a reference to various places named La Varenne and Varennes. The placename is thought to be derived from the Old French warir or garir, from the Proto-Germanic war-, meaning "to protect or defend." Alternately, the derivation could be from the Gaulish word varenna, meaning "enclosed area," related to varros "post."[1][2][3]

People with the name "Warren" include:


Pronunciation /ˈwɒrɪn/
Region of origin England, Ireland
Word/Name Teutonic

Given name[edit]

Pronunciation /ˈwɒrɪn/
Gender Male
Word/name Teutonic
Meaning "Enclosure" or "from La Varrene"

English version of "Guarinus"[edit]


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