Warren Davis (actor)

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Warren Davis
Warren Davis by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Davis at WonderCon 2017
Born Warren Davis
Brooklyn, New York

Warren Davis is an American actor and video game programmer. He is best known for inventing the arcade classic Q*bert. His other video arcade credits include Joust 2, Lotto Fun, Exterminator, Terminator 2, and Revolution X, which featured Aerosmith; as well as Us. Vs. Them, a laserdisc game.

Davis developed the video digitization system that was used in Williams/Midway video games from the late 1980s thru mid-90's. This allowed images of live actors videotaped in front of a blue-screen to be placed in games. Games which used this technology include Narc, the Mortal Kombat series, the NBA Jam series, Terminator 2, Revolution X, and others. As with other Williams employees, Warren's head and name appear as a player character in the arcade version of NBA Jam Tournament Edition, if his initials and birthday are entered.

As an actor, Davis has appeared as a minor character in a number of TV shows, including House M.D. and Criminal Minds. He also appeared in the independent feature film Yesterday Was a Lie. Davis produced weekly play readings at the Blank Theatre for almost 6 years, and has been a guest director at that company's Young Playwrights Festival since 2002.



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