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Eckstein in Sedona, Arizona

Warren Eckstein (born April 6, 1949) is an American "pet behaviorist", animal trainer, animal rights activist, humorist, author, director of the Hugs & Kisses Animal Fund, and broadcaster in the United States who hosts The Pet Show, a radio talk show syndicated by Radio America. Prior to that, Eckstein served as resident animal expert for Saturday Morning Live, a local New York City-based series hosted by veteran personality Gene Rayburn, which aired on WNEW-TV from 1982 to 1983.

Eckstein was born in Oceanside, New York, the son of Ruth and Charles Eckstein.[1] His nephew (his sister's son) is actor Michael Rosenbaum.[2]



Books authored by Warren Eckstein include:

  • 1980: Yes, Dog, That's Right! (with Fay Eckstein) Alpine Pubns (ISBN 978-0931866036)
  • 1984: Pet Aerobics: How to Solve Your Pets' Behavior Problems, Improve Their Health, Lengthen Their Lives and Have Fun Doing It (with Fay Eckstein) Holt, Rinehart and Winston (ASIN: B001I4QRZO)
  • 1985: Understanding Your Pet: The Eckstein Method of Pet Therapy and Behavior Training (with Fay Eckstein) Henry Holt & Company (ISBN 978-0030006999)
  • 1990: How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want (With Fay Eckstein) Villard (ISBN 978-0394579078)
  • 1990: The Illustrated Cat's Life Fawcett Publications (ISBN 978-0449904664)
  • 1992: How to Get Your Dog to Do What You Want Ballantine Books (ISBN 978-0449909560)
  • 1996: Understanding Your Pet Random House (ASIN: B001LNK0A0)
  • 1995: The Illustrated Dog's Life Fawcett Publications (ISBN 978-0449906699)
  • 1998: Memoirs of a Pet Therapist: A Tail All Book (with Denise Madden), Fawcett Publications (ISBN 978-0449911235)


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