Warren Ellis bibliography

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Warren Ellis bibliography
Warren Ellis by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Ellis in 2010
Active period 1985–present
Marvel Comics 1995–present
Wildstorm 1996–2009
Avatar Press 1999–present
Image Comics 2000–present

Warren Ellis is an English author of comics, novels, and television, well known for sociocultural commentary, both through his online presence and his writing, which covers transhumanist themes (most notably nanotechnology, cryonics, uploading, and human enhancement). He is a resident of Southend-on-Sea, England.


UK publishers[edit]

Titles published by various British publishers include:

Marvel Comics[edit]

Titles published by Marvel include:

DC Comics/Vertigo[edit]

Titles published by DC Comics and its Vertigo imprint include:

Image Comics[edit]

Titles published by Image include:


Titles published by Wildstorm include:

Avatar Press[edit]

Titles published by Avatar include:


Titles published by Avatar's Apparat imprint include:

Other US publishers[edit]

Titles published by various American publishers include:


Short fiction[edit]

  • "At the zoo", Nature no. 408 (16 November 2000)
  • "Lich-House", An Aura of Familiarity: Visions from the Coming Age of Networked Matter (2013)
  • Dead Pig Collector (July 2013)
  • "The Shipping Forecast" Twelve Tomorrows, ed. Bruce Sterling (2014)
  • Elektrograd: Rusted Blood (2015)
  • "Headcold", Terraform (2016)


Works on Ellis[edit]

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  • Walker, Cody (ed.). Keeping the World Strange: A Planetary Guide. Sequart, 2011.[10]
  • Thurman, Kevin and Julian Darius. Voyage in Noise: Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization. Sequart, 2013.[11]
  • Nevett, Chad (ed.). Shot in the Face: A Savage Journey to the Heart of Transmetropolitan. Sequart, 2013.[12]
  • Meaney, Patrick and Kevin Thurman. Warren Ellis: The Captured Ghosts Interviews. Sequart, 2013.[13]

Appearances in others' work[edit]

He makes a lengthy cameo appearance in Powers volume 1 issue No. 7, in which much of his dialogue consists of actual quotations from Ellis' writings.