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This article is about the RH&DR station near New Romney in Kent.
For the former SER station of the same name at Folkestone in Kent, see Folkestone Warren Halt railway station.
Warren Halt
Place New Romney
Area Shepway
Pre-grouping RHDR
Platforms 2 (reopened 2009 with 1)
16 July 1927 Opened
1928 Closed to passengers
1946 Briefly re-opened
1946 Closed to passengers
2009 re-opened as Romney Warren Halt
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Romney Warren Halt railway station is a station on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway in Kent, England. It has also been known as Warren Halt and Warren Bridge Halt.


Opened on 16 July 1927, this was one of three stations deliberately included in the timetable despite being sited far from a population centre, in the hope that their location near a bridge (Prince of Wales and Warren) or level crossing (Botolphs Bridge Road) would encourage traffic connecting from buses or other road transport. The experiment failed, in all three cases.

Warren Halt closed later in the same year that it had opened (1927) and no longer appeared on timetables, except the immediately post-war timetable of 1946, when the halt was briefly re-opened.[1] The railway company had regained control from the War Office (the line had been a military railway from 1939 to 1945) and concentrated efforts on recovering custom on the main Hythe to New Romney section, of which Warren Halt was a part. However, the experiment with this little station was again deemed a failure.


The site at Romney Warren is now home to the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre. During 2008, in connection with the provision of transport links to the Centre, it was announced that Warren Halt was due to re-open in February 2009.[2] In the Autumn of 2008 the railway's General Manager confirmed in newspaper reports that construction work had begun on the installation of platform facilities.[3] The Romney Marsh Visitor Centre and Country Park authorities also publicised the re-opening as part of the transport solution to providing 'green tourism' (tourism that is environmentally friendly).[4] The actual re-opening ceremony took place on Monday 16 February; a special train (hauled by locomotive No 4) carried approximately 60 specially invited guests including local mayors, councillors, and Michael Howard (member of parliament for Shepway).[5] Passenger services to the station began later the same week, on Thursday 19 February.


The original station never had any buildings or surfaced platforms, and for many years there was nothing to mark the site as trains passed by at speed. During late 2008 a single surfaced and fenced platform was laid on the up line, this being the line on which the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre shuttle trains began operating between New Romney and Warren Halt in February 2009. The surfacing and fencing was completed in December 2008, with partial funding by the local County Council and District Council, with signage added in January 2009. The extensive rabbit warren from which both the station and this local area of New Romney take their name, is still very much evident, and large numbers of rabbits may be viewed from the train when passing the location. Train services to and from this station have been advertised from the publication of the 2009 edition of the railway's timetable. In 2011 timetable it is advertised that trains will only stop on selected dates or stop specially for pre-booked parties.


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