Warrior caste

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"Warrior class" redirects here. For the Royal Navy ironclad class, see Warrior-class ironclad. For the South African navy strike craft, see Warrior class strike craft.

Warrior caste can refer to;

  • Kshatriya - A Kshatriya is a member of the military or reigning order, according to the law-code of Manu the second ranking caste of the Indian varna system of four castes, the first being the Brahmin or priestly caste, the third the Vaishya or mercantile caste and the lowest the Shudra.
  • Minbari Warrior Caste - In the fictional Babylon 5 universe, the Warrior Caste is one of three castes in Minbari society.
  • Samoa's Toa class, which used a warrior code known as fa'aaloalo (respect) that is still in existence today;
  • Knights
  • Spartiate
  • Samurai caste
  • Jaguar Knight

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