Warriors of the Yang Clan

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Warriors of the Yang Clan
DVD cover
Genre Historical fiction
Written by
  • Zhu Li
  • Ren Sha
  • Ruan Xiaona
Directed by
  • Leung Tak-wah
  • Liu Feng
  • Wang Ming
Opening theme "Rì Luò Jīnshātān" (日落金沙滩) performed by Zhou Xiao‘ou
Ending theme "Yǐn Yǐn Zuò Tòng" (隐隐作痛) performed by Sun Yue
Composer(s) Xiao Zhe
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 33
  • Li Mi
  • Hao Hsiao-tsu
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Beijing Tianzhong Yinghua Media Co.
  • Zhejiang Huaxin Film & Television Co.
Original release 2004
Warriors of the Yang Clan
Traditional Chinese 楊門虎將
Simplified Chinese 杨门虎将
Literal meaning Tiger Generals of the Yang Clan

Warriors of the Yang Clan is a 2004 Chinese costume drama, based on the Generals of the Yang Family legends.


Though full of ideas and passion, the 4th son of the Song Dynasty general Yang Ye never seemed capable to satisfy his father. After a chance encounter, he fell deeply in love with Pan Yuyan, the daughter of the chancellor Pan Renmei. At the border with the Liao Dynasty, he saved the Liao Princess Mingji twice, which initiated her obsession with him. Meanwhile, Yang Ye's 7th son helped his 3rd brother propose to the housemaid and their best friend Yang Chuchu, until finally realizing that her love was himself. Right before her wedding, Yang Chuchu was raped by Pan Yuyan's brother Pan Bao and committed suicide, and Pan Bao died in the ensuring brawl with the Yang brothers. The 3rd and 4th sons were attacked by Pan Renmei's assassins in jail and had to flee. The 3rd son finally found love with pure-hearted bandit Mao Xiaoying, while back home the 6th son's romance with childhood friend Princess Chai blossomed. Yiyun, a Liao spy, succeeded in putting the Yangs in great danger, but eventually sacrificed her own life to save the family and the 5th son whom she developed feelings for. To be with the 4th son, Pan Yuyan parted ways with her vengeful father, who had plotted with the Liao army to lure Yang Ye and the emperor to a trap. While the emperor escaped from the ambush at Golden Beach, Yang Ye and many sons died tragically one after another. Captured alive, the 4th son was presented with a choice: die a hero like his father and brothers, or become a despicable traitor and marry Princess Mingji whom he did not love - the only option if he wanted to return home and unite with family again.


Cast Role Description
Ti Lung Yang Ye Song Dynasty army commander
Angie Chiu She Saihua Yang Ye's wife
Lin Jiangguo Yang Yanping Yang Ye and She Saihua's 1st son
Zhang Zichen Yang Yanguang Yang Ye and She Saihua's 2nd son
Yu Xiaowei Yang Yanqing Yang Ye and She Saihua's 3rd son
Alec Su Yang Yanlang Yang Ye and She Saihua's 4th son
Bao Jianfeng Yang Yande Yang Ye and She Saihua's 5th son
Jia Nailiang Yang Yanzhao Yang Ye and She Saihua's 6th son
Yan Kun Yang Yansi Yang Ye and She Saihua's 7th son
Zhu Xingqiang Yang Hong Yang family butler, no blood relations with the family
Zhang Yi Yang Chuchu Yang family maid, Yang Hong's daughter
Yang Yanping's wife
Wu Jingqi Yang Yanguang's wife
Wang Yan Mao Xiaoying bandit's daughter
Fang Zhoubo Zhao Guangyi Emperor Taizong, 2nd emperor of Song Dynasty
Shen Fu Zhao Defang "Eighth Virtuous Prince", Emperor Taizong's nephew
Kou Zhenhai Pan Renmei Song Dynasty chancellor
Wang Ying Consort Pan Pan Renmei's elder daughter, married to Emperor Taizong
Zhao Qiang Pan Bao Pan Renmei's son
Che Dong Zhang Kun Pan Bao's lackey
Chae Rim Pan Yuyan Pan Renmei's younger daughter
Zhou Fang Cui'er Pan Yuyan's maid
Wang Shiwen Prince Chai Song Dynasty prince
Zhou Mujie Chai Bufan Prince Chai's son
Niu Mengmeng Princess Chai Prince Chai's daughter
Zhao Shuai Kou Zhun Song Dynasty minister
Xu Shouyin Master Zhiguang monk at Mount Wutai
Qin Chuan Yelü Xian Emperor Jingzong, 5th emperor of Liao Dynasty
Yang Chao Crown Prince Mingde, Emperor Jingzong's son
Hu Jing Yelü Qiong'e Princess Mingji, Emperor Jingzong's daughter
Jiang Hong Liu Yiyun Liao Dynasty spy, descendant of Northern Han rulers


Warriors of the Yang Clan Original Television Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Xiao Zhe (composer) & various artists
Genre Soundtrack
Length 55:17
Label NMG Entertainment Ltd. (天中文化)

Track list[edit]

  1. Intro (引子) [1:14]
  2. "Rì Luò Jīn Shā Tān" (日落金沙滩; "Sunset at Golden Beach") performed by Zhou Xiao'ou [4:21]
  3. Dawn (清晨) [0:44]
  4. Encounter (遇见) [2:08]
  5. Competition (比武) [1:07]
  6. Love Already (爱了) [4:26]
  7. Chase at the Market (集市中的追逐) [1:06]
  8. Letter from Him (他的来信) [1:22]
  9. Paradise (天伦之乐) [2:55]
  10. Return My Jade Pendant (还我玉佩) [1:34]
  11. Anticipation under the Afterglow (夕阳中的期盼) [1:11]
  12. Darkness is Coming (黑暗即将来临) [2:21]
  13. Farewell, My Love (再见,我的爱人) [3:24]
  14. Foreigner's Blade (异族的尖刀) [1:41]
  15. Set Off (出征) [3:25]
  16. Black Horse (黑色戏马) [1:42]
  17. Futile Love (没有结果的爱情) [5:14]
  18. Bone Fighting (骨战) [1:15]
  19. Wasteland (荒原) [1:45]
  20. "Nǐ Kě Yǐ Bù Dǒng" (你可以不懂; "You Can Misunderstand") performed by Alec Su [3:57]
  21. My Blood (我的血液) [4:32]
  22. "Yǐn Yǐn Zuò Tòng" (隐隐作痛; "Obtuse Pain") performed by Sun Yue [3:53]



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