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The Emblem of the garrison
The garrison headquarters

The Warsaw Garrison Command (WGC) (Polish: Dowództwo Garnizonu Warszawa, DGW) is a military board and area of the Polish Army based in Warsaw, Poland. Despite being part of the Polish Land Forces, it is an independent formation. The command, which is made up mostly of Land Forces personnel, is also composed of officers and personnel from the Polish Air Force and the Polish Navy. It is currently a part of the Polish Ministry of National Defence. It is mainly designed ensure the quick and effective organization garrison military units to carry out representative and ceremonial functions during military/national celebrations.[1]

It began it official activities on 1 August 1995 by taking significant portion of disbanded security and administrative units inside of the Ministry of National Defence.[2] It is the successor to the Provisioning Unit Group Command of the Polish People's Army which was originally established in 1967. Since 2003, the headquarters of the WGC has been located in the "House Without Corners", designed by Professor Czesław Przybylski in the early 20th century.[3] WGC Day has since 2011 been commemorated on 19 April in honor of the end of the 1794 Warsaw Uprising.[4][5]

Garrison activities[edit]

The WGC has the following tasks associated with it:

  • The organization of all units and/or institutions under its command and area of responsibility
  • Ensuring efficient communications for MON branches on the premises of the WGC
  • Building the financial, operational and logistical capability of all units and support the main systems with communications and human resources
  • Providing technical resources for all military units
  • Organize military protocol for all military/national events and state visits
  • Supervise the protection of all MON facilities
  • Ensure the discipline and law abiding behavior of all personnel in the garrison and prevent all crimes from occurring within its premises in junction with the Military Gendarmerie


The command has the following organizational structure:[6]


Command Staff:

  • Commander of the Warsaw Garrison: Brigadier General. Robert Głąb
  • Deputy Commander: Colonel Roman Januszewski
  • Chief of Staff: Colonel Witold Lipiński
  • Commander for Military Ceremonies: Colonel Andrzej Drozd
  • Head of Logistics: Colonel Krzysztof Kseń

Commanders (1995-Present)[edit]

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