Warsaw Spire

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Warsaw Spire
Warsaw Spire August 2015.jpg
Warsaw Spire complex in August 2015
General information
Status Topped-out
Type Office
Architectural style Neomodern
Location Warsaw, Poland
Address Plac Europejski 1,2,6
Coordinates 52°13′59″N 20°59′5″E / 52.23306°N 20.98472°E / 52.23306; 20.98472
Construction started 2011
Completed 2016 (projected)
Architectural 220 metres (720 ft)
Roof 180 metres (590 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 49
Floor area 129,336 m2 (1,392,160 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architecture firm Jaspers-Eyers Architects
Developer Ghelamco
Ghelamco, Jaspers-Eyers, Skyscraper Page

The Warsaw Spire is a complex of Neomodern office buildings under construction in Warsaw, Poland, by the Belgian real estate developer Ghelamco. It will consist of a 220-metre main tower with a hyperboloid glass facade, Warsaw Spire A, and two 55-metre auxiliary buildings, Warsaw Spire B and C.[1]

In December 2014, a large neon sign with the words "Kocham Warszawę" ("I love Warsaw") was placed on the upper floors of the partially constructed main tower.[2] The building was topped out in April 2015.[3] The neon sign was removed in early July 2015 due to progress in façade assembly.[4]

The main tower will be the second tallest building in Warsaw and Poland upon its completion in 2016.


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Coordinates: 52°13′59″N 20°59′5″E / 52.23306°N 20.98472°E / 52.23306; 20.98472