Warsaw Trade Tower

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Warsaw Trade Tower
Warsaw Trade Tower overwiev.jpg
Warsaw Trade Tower
General information
LocationWarsaw, Poland
Coordinates52°14′08″N 20°58′59″E / 52.23556°N 20.98306°E / 52.23556; 20.98306Coordinates: 52°14′08″N 20°58′59″E / 52.23556°N 20.98306°E / 52.23556; 20.98306
Construction started1997
Architectural187.1 m (614 ft)
Antenna spire208 m (682 ft)
Top floor176 m (577 ft)
Technical details
Floor count43
Floor area71,567 m2 (770,340 sq ft)[1]

The Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) is a skyscraper in Warsaw. Along with the Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw Spire and Złota 44, it is one of the four buildings in Warsaw with a roof height greater than 180 metres (590 ft). The Warsaw Trade Tower is the seventh-tallest building in Poland.

The building is on Chłodna and Towarowa streets, two blocks from the Warsaw Uprising Museum. The insurance company AXA is the name tenant, and its logo is prominently displayed from the upper floors.

The Warsaw Trade Tower has a metal spire (mast antenna relay) attached to the building on steel rims. The spire starts from a height of 32 floors and rises 24 m (79 ft) above the roof.

Construction took place from 1997 to 1999 by the Korean company Daewoo. In 2002, Daewoo sold the property to the American firm Apollo-Rida. At 208 metres (682 ft) in height (the main roof goes up to a height of 187.1 metres or 614 ft), the 43-storey skyscraper includes a two-story shopping centre, offices, and three floors of underground parking for 300 cars. The building has one of Europe's fastest elevators, travelling at a speed of 7 metres per second (23 ft/s). The foundation of the Warsaw Trade Tower is 11 metres (36 ft) deep and is based on 156 piles.


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