Warslow Athletic Club

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Warslow Athletic Club
Whitestone Warslows
Founded 1894[1]
Folded 1939
Based in Long Island, NY, United States
League Independent
Team history Warslow Athletic Club (1894–1932)
Whitestone American Legion (1933)
Columbia Dems (1934)
Warlows (1939)
Team colors


Nickname(s) Warslow Indians
Other League Championship wins New York Independent Champions:
1900, 1901
Home field(s) Knab's Park
Warlow Athletic Club in 1895

Warslow Athletic Club (also formally known as the Whitestone Warslows and the Warslow Indians) were an early amateur, and later professional, American football team. The club, based on Long Island, is best remembered for playing in the 1902 World Series of Football, played at Madison Square Garden.[2] During the Series, the club played the Knickerbocker Athletic Club in a hard fought 11–6 loss and was eliminated from the competition.[3]

The team claimed to be the "New York Independent Football Champions" in 1900 and 1901. Over the span of its history, the team's name changed several times. In 1933, the club took to the field as the Whitestone American Legion, while a year later they were called the Columbia Dems. After a 4-year hiatus, they finally fielded one final team, called the simply the Warslows.[4]

Warslow (Warlow) Athletic Club in 1900


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