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Warstones is a suburban area of Wolverhampton, England, situated to the south-west of the city centre and is home to a huge local football club called Warstones Wanderers. Mullin is the founder and chairman of the club.

Warstones has three schools, within a half mile vicinity of each other:

Also, not far away are:

  • Smestow School (Sports College)
  • Colton Hills Community School

There is also a youth centre; the YWCA.

Warstones has many facilities such as a library and many shops.

It is the location of some of Wolverhampton's first post World War II council houses, built around Enville Road in the second half of the 1940s.[1]

In the past few years[when?] there have been some problems in the area. Gang culture was a major issue. West Midlands Police tackled the problem by putting a curfew on the area for a short while and putting a police station in the area.

Notable former residents of Warstones Estate include Slade guitarist Dave Hill[2] and journalist and writer Caitlin Moran.[3] Another well known resident was Peter Knowles who boarded on the estate when he came to play for Wolves.


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52°34′01″N 2°10′01″W / 52.567°N 2.167°W / 52.567; -2.167