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Wartenberg may refer to:


  • Wartenberg castles, situated on the Wartenberg hill in the municipality of Muttenz near Basel
  • Wartenberg Castle built in the present day Kaiserslautern and destroyed in 1522; former seat of Counts of Wartenberg
  • Wartenberg station, an S-Bahn and railway station in the Lichtenberg district of Berlin


  • Wartenberg, Hesse in the district Vogelsbergkreis, Hesse, Germany
  • Wartenberg (Berlin), a locality in the borough of Lichtenberg in Berlin, Germany
  • Wartenberg, Bavaria in the district Erding, Upper Bavaria, Germany
  • Wartenberg am Rollberg, the German name of Stráž pod Ralskem, Czech Republic
  • The medieval County of Wartenberg, a fief of the Holy Roman Empire, mediatised to Kingdom of Westphalia in 1806 and subsequently to Prussia in 1814
  • Otyń, Poland (German: Deutsch-Wartenberg)
  • Syców, Poland (German: Polnisch-Wartenberg until 1888, then Groß-Wartenberg)